Here’s to a clean face and a fat wallet.

I hate shaving. It does not relax me, facial hair maintenance is a chore at best and though I look better with facial hair I do not care for it.  How then would you think that I buy a subscription for disposable razors? Simple, a you tube video.  A video that goes against every traditional razor commercial and is funny and organic.  Dollar Shave Club had changed the game of online advertising and marketing because they are not on broadcast at all.  Only through the internet are they accessible.  For a dollar a month (not including shipping and lowest possible option) this company will send you razor body and three two bladed heads two your door, along with a whimsical letter filled with plays on words and satire.   The initial purchase was interesting and fun but I am unsure of how they will increase awareness, sales and what have you but for now I am satisfied and content with my order.  Take that name brand douchebags…Tiger Woods.

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