Run For Boston

On April 15th 2013  two men with back packs blended into the crowd of the Boston Marathon.  They watched the race and waited for the opportune moment to put their devious plan into action.  At approximately 2:49 P.M two bombs were detonated 13 seconds apart without warning or reason injuring 183 killing three and terrorizing millions.  In times like these it is hard to feel safe knowing that such malice exists in the world, that men live to hurt others.  But in the wake of such tragedies we have but one duty, to support the victims and their families.  Run for Boston is a Facebook group started on April 15th designed to show the city of Boston that others are standing with them.  The idea is simple. Anytime on Wednesday, April 17th:

1) Gather your friends
2) Pick a place
3) Wear blue or yellow
4) Take a picture with a “Run for Boston” sign and post here

These are the directions on the page.  Hundreds participated and gave money to the victims and the page has reached nearly 25,000 likes.  It is amazing to see how social media has changed this world and has been used for good rather than something superficial.

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